Electric Power for Municipal Utilities; what does the future hold?

CSU Extension Faces of Energy

Colorado Springs, May 7th In spite of a major hail storm, a great crowd turned out for this. The landscape of electrical power generation is changing more dramatically today than in the last 130 years, and the impact on municipal utilities is significant.  Rising mining costs, new gas supplies from fracturing, plummeting solar and wind […]

Sustainable Fort Carson

Fort Carson 2007 2 MW solar array built on reclaimed landfill site

While Mary Barber, Director of Sustainable Fort Carson, is well known as a leader in the Colorado Springs Sustainability community, I did not really know what to expect on the tour of Fort Carson she arranged for us.  What I found was a program more than a decade old with a scale and breadth beyond […]

ACTION ALERT: Your Input About Drake Decommissioning Is Needed Now!

The Colorado Springs Utilities Council is this summer making critical decisions that will affect the future of our energy portfolio. Unfortunately, based on statements and actions by this Council in the recent past, the fear is that they will resort to the same dirty energy status-quo solutions that they find to be easiest and cheapest. […]

Drake Fire – a Reminder to be Energy Efficient

Drake Fire

With the unfortunate fire at the Colorado Springs Martin Drake Power Plant, Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) is faced with an abrupt loss of base load electric power.  This could easily last into the summer air conditioning season with its peak load.  Now is a GREAT time for all CSU customers to take steps towards using less […]

Drake Decommissioning Report to be Presented at February Utilities Board Meeting

Martin Drake power plant

Project manager, Navigant Consulting, will make a special presentation to the Utilities Board at their February meeting.  The consultant will summarize the report’s findings and alternatives, and then take questions from the Utilities Board and comment from the public.   Due to the anticipated interest, the February 19 meeting will be moved to the City […]

Final Drake Power Plant Decommissioning Study Report

Martin Drake power plant

The decommissioning study task force has issued its final report.  The Utilities Board will hear a presentation on the contents at its February meeting and then consider the fate of Drake. Now is the time to voice your support for an early retirement.  Get informed by visiting the Drake Task Force website.  Leave your comments.  Contact your City […]

Springs Utilities Biomass Pilot

For a number of years, Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) has been analyzing the introduction of biomass as an alternate fuel.  The most recent Electric Integrated Resource Plan (EIRP) contains a summary of the state of that analysis as of 2011.  See page 24 (PDF page 35) of the EIRP for details.  Note that this is […]