Speak Out for the EPA Clean Power Plan

Having just offered testimony at the EPA Clean Power Plan hearings in Devner, this article in the NY Times caught my attention: White House Pushes Financial Case for Carbon Rule

The article concludes with this quote from Senator Jeff Sessions directed at EPA administrator Gina McCarthy” “You don’t run the country.  American people run the country.”  All I can say is that the testimony I heard while waiting my turn was an impressive cross section of the American people and showed strong support for the EPA’s plan.

Still we need to continue to speak out.  You can submit written/online comments until October 16, 2014.  Here is how.

Sierra Club prepared the following “how to prepare” targeted at verbal testimony, but much of it applies to written comments as well.

  • How to Prepare My Comments
  • Clean Power Plant Hearing Talking Points
  • Example Testimony from CRES President Alex Blackmer
  • Example Testimony from CRES policy committee chair Becky English
  • Example Testimony from SECRES board member Cliff Kotnik
  • Example Testimony from Professor of Law KK DuVivier
  • Example Testimony from CRES Bill Owens
  • Example Testimony from the Sierra Student Coalition

And if you just have a few minutes to add your name and brief comments, this Sierra Club webpage is for you:

You can do your part by helping flood the White House and EPA with 40,000 new official comments saying that America is ready for strong climate action.

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