Wind Power Transmission Projects

Transmission projects are starting to pick up.  For renewable energy (RE), transmission has two big benefits.  It allows RE producing regions, like the wind energy in the central US, to be connected to population centers.  In addition, it allows geographic diversity to help smooth the intermittent RE generation.

This NYTimes article describes the progress of a number of major transmission projects.



SECRES and Partner at Cool Science 2015

The SECRES solar S’Mores have become a traditional at the annual Cool Science Festival in Colorado Springs.  SECRES Booth at Cool Science 2015 This year low clouds impacted the oven temperature for the first hour, but the sky cleared and demand outpaced supply despite a mad dash to the grocery store.

This event brings thousands of kids and their parents out to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  It provides a great opportunity to talk to young people about the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

This year SECRES was joined by volunteers for the Colorado Springs Chapter of

150 MW Comanche Solar Groundbreaking

The groundbreaking for two adjacent sites making up the 120 MWac / 150 MWdc array, was attended by several folks from SunEdison, Pueblo County, Xcel Energy (PSCO), Jeffrey Ackerman from the State Energy Office, State Senators Daneya Esgar, and Clarice Navarro, Tom Corlett from CRES and an estimated crowd of 100 interested people.

When completed the facility will consist of over a million panels making up the largest site east of the rockies—-we were told.

Read more in this article in the Pueblo Chieftain.

Saving Money: Taming Energy and Water Waste




If you missed Session 1, you can download the Home Energy Basics presentation here.

If you missed Session 2, you can download part 1 of the DIY and professional energy and water audits presentation here and here for part 2.

If you missed Session 3, you can download the Incentives presentation here.

If you missed Session 4, you can download the Home and business renewable energy presentation here.

The seminars will be held from 9:00—11:00 AM on the second Saturday of the month, from September through December, 2015, at the Colorado Springs Utilities’ Conservation & Environmental Center, 2855 Mesa Road. Please visit to register or for more information. The seminars are free and open to the public, though a $5 donation is appreciated


The Southeastern Colorado Renewable Energy Society (SECRES) presents a series of 4 energy efficiency seminars designed to help residents and businesses make wiser decisions with their energy and water use. Choose one or all of the seminars to become more aware of your consumption, explore the benefits of saving resources, both financially and ecologically, and discover how you can become an energy producer, rather than just a consumer.





Cannabis Grown Green: Less Water and Energy

August 10, 2015  6-8:00 P.M

Ryals Special Event Room

Rawlings Library

100 Abriendo Ave.

Pueblo, CO


Sustainable Cannabis Production, Diminishing Energy and Water Waste: a Hybrid Approach. A program sponsored by Colorado Renewable Energy Society-SE and Sustainable Pueblo

Contact: 719-330-3360

According to Dr. Larry Kinney, a Boulder, CO building scientist, marijuana can be grown inside more efficiently resulting in higher quality.

On August 10, 2015, Dr. Kinney, of Synergistic Building Technologies, will present a program in Pueblo on producing better and higher quality cannabis with less water and energy. The program at Rawlings Library at 6:00 P.M. is intended for cannabis growers, but other indoor growers will benefit.


Dr. Kinney has conceived and directed a number of energy research, development, and demonstration projects, including several large commercial greenhouses whose carbon footprints are tiny. He is the co-holder of five US patents and has authored over 200 publications and reports to clients including dozens in the daylighting and greenhouse fields. Larry did undergraduate work in Physics and Philosophy at Davidson and Rhodes colleges and holds a PhD in Philosophy from Syracuse University.


An evening with Dr. Kinney is sponsored by Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) Southeastern Chapter, and Sustainable Pueblo. The presentation is scheduled from 6:00 to 8:00pm, Wednesday August 10, 2015 at The Rawlings Library, Ryals Special Event Room 100 E. Abriendo, 719-562-5600.

There is no fee to attend the seminar, but a $5 donation is appreciated.

Download a flyer.