Please Join Us To Continue Discussing Clean Energy

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting on the 13th.  As we decided, time is of the essence so we have setup a meeting for next Monday to continue the discussion.


How to Ensure More Clean Energy in El Paso County

7 PM Monday, January 20th, 2014

Bristol Brewing

1604 S. Cascade Ave.

Colorado Springs, CO 80905


We have a large room at Bristol, so pass this invitation on to people you know.  There is a room charge, so a small donation to assist will be welcome.  Beer, non-alcoholic beverages and light menu items will be available for purchase.


The documents distributed and discussed on the 13th are available electronically here:  Feel free to leave a comment on that page, particularly if you are unable to attend on the 20th.


Useful links

This link goes to the UPAC meeting where staff reviewed the customer survey done in Fall 2013 which correlates with previous surveys and asks a few more questions.  It certainly tells what the desires of the community are.


This link goes to the presentation by Linda Kogan from UCCS as to their (and 600 some universities) goals

This link goes to the UPAC page

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