Energy Efficient Vehicles

Along the Front Range and particularly in the Pikes Peak region, travel in personal automobiles is almost required.  As we all know, internal combustion engines (ICE) emit many pollutants included carbon dioxide (CO2) the major greenhouse gas.  While we can encourage changes to our city planning and public transit to minimize transportation emissions, we each can alter our vehicle of choice and make a huge impact.  This interactive vehicle carbon counter lets you examine the impact of vehicle choices – from ICE to hybrid to battery electric vehicles (EVs). Another important consideration is that even when the electric power used to drive an EV come from fossil fuels, the intrinsic efficiency of the electric power train can make them much lower in emissions.  And if you have never driven an EV you do not know what your are missing.

Colorado State University Extension is another great source on all aspects of EVs.  Since the efficient vehicle market is changing so rapidly, you will find it useful to watch the car news and buying guides.