Dr. Kutscher Talks to a Full House

Climate Change: The Latest Science, Why It’s Serious, and What We Can Do About It

Dr. Chuck Kutscher at Penrose Library in Colorado Springs, Feb 24th, 2015

100 Colorado Springs residents turned out to learn about climate change from Dr. Charles (Chuck) Kutscher, Director of the Buildings and Thermal Systems Center at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  The presentation was co-sponsored by Colorado Renewable Energy Society, and Pikes Peak Chapter, IEEE.  It was held at the Carnegie Room, Penrose Library, Colorado Springs.KutscherCloseupSM

Kutscher Presentation

Climate change from fossil fuel emissions is happening today.  Our understanding of the science of climate change and our ability to predict its potential effects on our habitat has increased substantially over the past several years. The Pentagon identifies climate change as a major cause of global destabilization. Addressing this challenge will require a combination of adaptation and a rapid transition away from carbon-based energy sources.


Dr. Kutscher’s presentation is available online.

The Chasing Ice trailer video shown can be located here.  Watch for the full film to be shown at UCCS on April 20th, 2015.


Colorado Springs Independent reporter Matthew Schniper interviewed Dr. Kutscher in his office at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden.  The print edition contained an abridged version of the interview.  Now the full interview is available online.

If you are interested in a textual summary of the presentation see the Jefferson County CRES chapter (JCRES) section of the December CRES newsletter.


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