Climate March Rally in Colorado Springs June 10th

 “It is time for every person on the great Planet Earth to stand up and demand action on climate change before it is too late.  The Great March for Climate Action is an example of concerned citizens doing just that, and on behalf of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society I would like to offer our support and encouragement for this ambitious effort. The Great March brings a sense of urgency to the ongoing effort to save our planet from catastrophic climate change, and will inspire action as it rolls onward towards our nations capital.”   Alex Blackmer President, Colorado Renewable Energy Society Colorado Springs(Pueblo):Tuesday, June 10th, 5:00pm – 7:00pm Procession: @ 5:00pm, Join the Marchers in America the Beautiful Park for a procession through downtown! Rally: @ 5:45pm, Join the Marchers in Acacia Park to hear from the Marchers and learn from local leaders making Colorado Springs a more sustainable place!

Carpool from Pueblo

 Cost: FREE



5:00     March from America the Beautiful Park to Acacia Park

5:43     Marcher Antiphony brief performance immediately before start of rally  1 min

5:45     Steve Saint (MC) WELCOME the public and Marchers to Colo Spgs                3 min

5:48     Faith Meckley, Marcher – Receive Welcome, and share her story                        3 min

 5:52     Scott Harvey, Green Cities Coalition – climate science                                       3 min

 5:56     Mary Barber, Fort Carson – military, climate change, and sustainability           5 min

 6:02     Kat Haber, Marcher                                                                                              3 min

 6:06     MUSIC –                                                                                                                3 min

 6:10     Nori Rost, All Souls Unitarian Church – religion and climate change                 3 min

 6:14     Nazli McDonnell, MD PhD – health effects of coal plants                                   3 min

 6:18     Jane Ard-Smith, Sierra Club of Pikes Peak Group – coal plants                         3 min

 6:22     Bonnie Ann Smith, Colorado Renewable Energy Society – CRES                      3 min

6:26     MUSIC –                                                                                                               10 min

 6:35     John Abbe, Marcher – Interactive/Discussion Activity to cap off the rally        20 min

 6:57     MUSIC –                                                                                                               3 min


 More Information: Contact Chris Ververis() (530) 3-CHANGE


 MARCHER IN THE HOME /Homestay program

The 35 to 50 marcher volunteers walking across country with the Great March for Climate Action will take two nights and one rest day. This is where local people will take one or more marchers home with them, give them a place to sleep, feed them supper and breakfast and pack a lunch for them. Its a really good opportunity for people to get to know marchers better and why they are marching.

Colorado Springs June 10 & 11 Contact Heidi Cooper (719)433-6889

Spread the Word

Tell people you know.  Download and hang flyers for Colorado Springs.


Apply to March (858)35-MARCH


Follow the March on the Web

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