Saving Money: Taming Energy and Water Waste




If you missed Session 1, you can download the Home Energy Basics presentation here.

If you missed Session 2, you can download part 1 of the DIY and professional energy and water audits presentation here and here for part 2.

If you missed Session 3, you can download the Incentives presentation here.

If you missed Session 4, you can download the Home and business renewable energy presentation here.

The seminars will be held from 9:00—11:00 AM on the second Saturday of the month, from September through December, 2015, at the Colorado Springs Utilities’ Conservation & Environmental Center, 2855 Mesa Road. Please visit to register or for more information. The seminars are free and open to the public, though a $5 donation is appreciated


The Southeastern Colorado Renewable Energy Society (SECRES) presents a series of 4 energy efficiency seminars designed to help residents and businesses make wiser decisions with their energy and water use. Choose one or all of the seminars to become more aware of your consumption, explore the benefits of saving resources, both financially and ecologically, and discover how you can become an energy producer, rather than just a consumer.





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