About Garshaw Amidi-Abraham

Garshaw Amidi-Abraham

Senior Specialist, Climate Resilient Water Systems


Areas of expertise:

Watershed planning and restoration, groundwater sustainability, geospatial analysis, nonprofit management, stakeholder engagement and outreach


Garshaw’s work at EDF is primarily focused on supporting OpenET in geographical expansion, developing use cases and outreach to a wide array of potential users.


Garshaw holds a master of development practice degree from UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy and a bachelor’s of science in ecology and evolutionary biology and biological anthropology from SUNY Stony Brook.

Prior to his work at EDF, Garshaw was the director of a nonprofit based on the Oregon coast. He led the organization in implementing multibenefit watershed restoration projects, as well as stakeholder engagement, community outreach and education programs. His graduate work focused on geospatial and funding analyses for multibenefit floodplain restoration projects in California’s Central Valley. He also developed a monitoring plan for an urban creek restoration project and led a springshed inventory and analysis project for an INGO in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley.  Previous to graduate school, he worked all over the American West leading stream and river surveys and conducting trainings for the Bureau of Land Management and Utah State University’s National Aquatic Monitoring Center.


B.Sc. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Biological Anthropology, SUNY Stony Brook

Master of Development Practice, UC Berkeley